Shouldn’t We Make These Disrespectful and “Overpaid Babies” Stand Up For the National Anthem? #NFL

by S.A. Prince

Another Sunday has passed, and again, these disrespectful thugs in the NFL are kneeling down during the National Anthem. I’m about ready to boycott the NFL. How about you?

No lie, that’s the main thing I’m hearing at the water cooler, and seeing on the message boards. People are ready to boycott the NFL (Yeah…Maybe if you’re a Jaguars fan), and athletes are “overpaid babies.” Athletes should be thankful for the money they’re making.

This rhetoric eventually reaches a pinnacle where somebody says the NFL should “force” players to stand for the anthem.

I’d like to address these sentiments in an effective and concise manner, breaking down some key points.

When you hear somebody using the “overpaid babies” rhetoric, you have to understand they are speaking from their point of view without any regard to cognitive dissonance and social context.

Now, my father, in his glorious wisdom (he’d hate it if he knew I said that…Love you Dad!) taught me that all things are figured out through questions and answers. Before we give answers, we must ask questions, and specifically, the right ones.

So, why are athletes “overpaid babies?”

Do you think athletes are overpaid babies? Yes? No? Why? Why not? If not, then why do you think some people feel this way? Ask and answer these questions before you go on.

Side Note: I typically use the Toyota 5 Whys method of questioning. You can look it up. It’s the Cat’s Pajamas.

I can only think of three logical answers: That person is jealous, they don’t understand what it takes to be a professional athlete, or they don’t get the free market.

It’s easy to be jealous of athletes who make millions when you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 and unhappy with your life. Football, and other sports are your escape from your menial existence. You hate your job, secretly you hate your wife, and you wish you made different decisions in life.

You know what irks the jealous people the most though? They could actually change their life if they had some courage, but they don’t. They are cowards. So, instead of making their own lives better, it’s easier to tear down others.

Now, nobody is going to admit they’re jealous. But, believe me, some of the people using the “overpriced babies” rhetoric are definitely envious of the millionaire athlete.

Other people simply don’t understand what it takes to be a professional athlete. Yes, you have to be talented, but as somebody who personally knows NBA, NFL, and MLB players, the amount of work you have to put in to play and be paid at a high level is ridiculous. It’s like people think professional athletes just woke up and were good at what they do. No, they put an insane amount of time in, often times sacrificing their childhood and forgoing relationships to be the best at what they do.

So, I have a question?

Are you in the top 1% of what you do? Are you the best in your field of work? Have you put in the time to be great? What is your work ethic like?

I’ll tell you this. I’ve had the privilege to be around people who have become millionaires because they are in the top 1% of their industry. Rarely, if ever, do they talk about how much money other people are making. They don’t even have the time. They are focused on being great at what they do.

Regarding the free market. It is the market that dictates how much NFL players are paid. So, how could they possibly be overpaid? That just sounds utterly foolish, especially coming from the mouths of those who tend to preach free market and capitalism.

The fans who complain about the money players make are literally the reason players make the money they do!

I think that is worth repeating. YOU, Mr. Fan, who complains players are overpaid, are the very reason players make the money they do!

So, let me get this right. Most Americans don’t want socialism, which would control and limit pay, but when they see an athlete benefiting from values that Americans hold at a premium, then all of a sudden they’re “overpaid babies?”

Something smells fishy to me.

Do teachers, police, and firemen deserve to be paid more? Maybe, but there’s a difference between what we feel and what’s real. If those jobs were completely privatized, then yeah, maybe they could command a higher wage. But, their markets are controlled. You can blame the government for that.

Don’t go taking your anger out on athletes.


When has blind patriotism ever been okay in America? If our Founding Fathers were blindly loyal to England we’d still be a colony. America was built on courage in the face of tyranny.

If you want these “overpaid babies” to be made to honor the flag and anthem, or fired, then you are encouraging tyranny. Make no mistakes about that.

It has become painstakingly obvious that free speech and capitalism are okay as long as they fit into the little boxes that people make for them.

If you aren’t going to support something or somebody because they don’t hold your views, that’s your right as an American. It’s also your right to be critical of anybody you like. And, it is my right to call you out when the stances you choose to take are a direct contradiction of your core values.



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