This Week In The NBA (November 9 to November 15)

by Sam Prince

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Marching to the beat of his own Drum

After the loss of Greg Monroe to Milwaukee in free agency, my outlook on the Pistons was bleak. How can they win without a true low-post scorer, I asked myself. Andre Drummond looks to have answered the call. In three of the Pistons four games, Drummond had gone 20/20 in rebounds and in points. Andre has literally blown the doors off the league so far, and is off to a hot start. Still remaining to be seen is whether this will be consistent effort from the 22 year old, former Uconn Huskie.

Stan Van Gundy has done well by adding stretch power-forwards Marcus Morris, and Ersan Ilyasova to the roster. This opens up driving lanes for the other forwards and guards, but also gives Drummond the space he needs to operate, scoring off the pick and roll and movements toward the rim. Van Gundy’s strategy has led them to a 5 and 1 record, and second place in the Central division behind the Cavaliers.

Will Drummond’s performance be sustainable? That is yet to be seen, but the 22 year old is still a raw low post scorer. When defenses key in on Drummond, will he be able to shoot the 15 footer or be effective with his back to the rim?

Andre Drummond’s shot selection chart from last 2014-2015, with most of his scoring coming off of screen and rolls or put-backs. (credit to PointAfter)

These and many other questions have yet to be answered, but in their next five games, the Pistons will play the formidable frontcourts of Golden State, Sacramento, the Los Angeles Clippers, and Cleveland. So, we will see what Drummond has to offer when he’s playing stiffer competition.


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